AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY 1877   [Archived Catalog]
2021-2022 Titusville Campus Catalog


Minimum Credits: 3
Maximum Credits: 3
This course examines African American history and culture from its inception with the Transatlantic Slave Trade to its transformation during the Civil War. Topics discussed include the African and Native American captivity practices that served as the precursors to African chattel slavery; the origins and rationale behind the creation of the social category of "race;" the differences between African chattel slavery in the French, Spanish, and British colonies; the regional variances in slavery in the southern and northern United States and in Indian nations; methods of resistance used by African American women and men; and the multifaceted ways in which African Americans played a part in the abolitionist movement and in their own emancipations.
Academic Career: Undergraduate
Course Component: Lecture
Grade Component: LG/SNC Elective Basis
Course Attributes: African Studies, DSAS Diversity General Ed. Requirement, DSAS Historical Analysis General Ed. Requirement, Global Studies, SCI Polymathic Contexts: Soc/Behav. GE. Req.

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