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University of Pittsburgh Titusville    
2018-2019 Titusville Campus Catalog 
  May 25, 2024
2018-2019 Titusville Campus Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Administrative Officers, Schools, and Campuses


Lawrence Feick, PhD, Interim President
David E. Fitz, PhD, Campus Dean
Richard T. Esch, Vice President for Business Affairs

Emeritus Faculty

Joe M. Ball, President (Deceased)
Lois J. Hayweiser, Associate Professor, Psychology (Deceased)
James R. Messmer, Associate Professor of Physics
Margaret H. Peaslee, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Biology (Deceased)
Ki R. Shim, Associate Professor, Economics
Michael A. Worman, President


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Adams, Rachele L., MS, Mathematics Education, University of Tennessee (2005); Visiting Instructor of Mathematics

Atteberry, Phillip D.,  PhD, English, Washington University (1983); Associate Professor, English.

Bouthellier, Paul R.,  DSc, Systems Science and Mathematics, Washington University (1990); Associate Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science.

Carbaugh, Joyce D., BS, Physical Education, Slippery Rock University (1992), Instructor and Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education in the Physical Therapist Program.

Carr, Lawrence A.,  MBA, Clarion University of Pennsylvania (1982); Assistant Professor of Business.

Caton, Mary Ann, MA, History, Clarion University of Pennsylvania (1977); Liberal Arts Area Chairperson, Assistant Professor, History and Political Science.

Choo, Charles C.,  PhD, Theoretical Physics, University of Notre Dame (1988), Assistant Professor, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

Choo, Robin E., PhD, Toxicology, University of Maryland (2005). Assistant Professor of Natural Science/Biology.

Daugherty, Mary Jane, MSN, Carlow University (2009). Instructor of Nursing.

Dories, Jeffrey S., PhD, English Literature and Criticism, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2010), Visiting Assistant Professor of English

Dubas, Saeed M., PhD, Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (1999); Associate Professor, Mathematics and Engineering.

Flickner, Elizabeth, MSN, Robert Morris University (2015), Instructor of Nursing

Guth, Karen E., DPT, Physical Therapy, Rocky Mountain University (2015); Assistant Professor and Director of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Kenyon, Meredith B., MA, English Literature, St. Bonaventure University (2007); Assistant Professor of English.

Ledebur, Jeff, MEd, Westminster College (in progress), Visiting Instructor and Director of the Learning Center.

McClain, Patricia A., MSN, Carlow Univeristy (2010). Instructor of Nursing and Director of the Nursing Program.

Mulcahy, Richard P., PhD, American History, West Virginia University (1988); Professor, History and Political Science.

Patterson, Sherri, MSN, Carlow University, (2012); Instructor of Nursing

Patton, Susan G., MBA, Business Administration, Clarion University, (1987); Assistant Professor, Business.

Peters, Kristi, Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Nebraska Medical Center (1997), Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Reynolds, Kristen, MA, Teaching, Secondary Biological Sciences, Miami University (1999),Visiting Instructor of Biology

Terwilliger, Laura, PhD, Counseling Studies, Edinboro University (2014); Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology.

Tress, Nancy Barsic, PhD, Biochemistry, University of Pittsburgh (1994); Associate Professor, Biology and Natural Sciences Area Chairperson.

Adjunct Faculty

Barrett, Gayle, RN, MSN, Nursing
Bish, Barry, DPT, Pathology
Campbell, Caroline, MA, English Composition
Clark, Tammi, BA, Mathematics
Cramer, Jackie, PhD, Computer Science
Crow, Ruby, RN, MSN, Nursing
Cubbon, Tiffany, BA, Yoga
Domnick, Diane, PhD, History
Elliot-Disque Sommer, MS, Freshman Seminar
Feroz, Barbara A., MEd, Human Services, PhD, Sociology
Fiely, Stephanie, MEd, Freshman Seminar

Hall, Sara, MS, Clinical Nutrition

Kern, Gary, Esq., JD, Business Law

Irvin, Jillian, MEd, Engineering
Lalone, Melanie, BS, Learning Center Instructor
Larson, Tracey, MA, Communications
Last, Kerri, MSN, CRNP, Nursing
Millar, Judy, BS, Theatre Arts
Miller, Harry, BA, Education
Myer, Bettye, PhD, French
Pfennigwerth, Thomas C., DPM, Biology and Nutrition
Pilewski, Robert M., MD, Clinical Pathology
Ross, Marc, MLIS, Freshman Seminar
Schmidt, Karen, MS, RD, LDN, Clinical Nutrition
Shoup, Ronald, MEd, Mathematics
Simon, Margherita M., MA, Studio Arts
Smith, Autumn, RN, MSN, Nursing
Stein, Robert, MS, Administration of Justice
Straub, Marjorie, MS, Computer Science
Wagner, Molly, MA, Psychology
Watson, William, AS, Computer Science

Pitt-Titusville Advisory Board

Coleman, Stephen C.
Duratz, James J.
Fledderman, Lawrence H.
Jez, Karen
Knepp, Ann H.
Mckinney, Catherine Q.
Miller, Virginia*
Nasralla, Anthony J.
Peterson, John E.
Robbins, Robert D.
Roeder, Richard W.
Smith, Bruce L.
Spadafore, Emil M. Jr.
Upt Faculty Senate President**
Winger, Kenneth E.

**Ex Officio

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